2012. január 31., kedd

tassles galore

inspired by the previous watch chain I made a necklace too, in cool blue-aqua-purple tones, with 8 handmade tassles, sparkling faceted beads, and a golden bell with a pretty tinkle from Nepal

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2012. január 27., péntek

watch necklace

I added the signature MIMÓZA tassles, sparkling beads and a chain threaded with yarn to a friend's dear medal to make a colourful watch necklace.

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2012. január 23., hétfő

bridal preview 2012

soft & sophisticated handmade bridal adornments

könnyed & kifinomult kézzel készített menyasszonyi kiegészítők

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2012. január 16., hétfő

spring preview

soft cotton rope entwined with cotton yarns in fresh spring shades
with beadwork and metal accents

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2012. január 13., péntek

studio snaps...product development

despite it being January, the weather in Budapest has been sunny and gentle, so I've been developing colour schemes and ideas for the MIMÓZA spring/summer collection. The fresh hues are a transition from yellows to pinks to cooler shades and include Lemonade, Golden Glow, Heat Wave, Tangerine Tango (the colour of the year according to Pantone!), Hummingbird, Rose, Skyline, Lagoon, Jade, Bellflower, Blue Jay and Heather. I've also been experimenting with silky cotton yarns, wrapping them around soft rope, with beadwork and metal accents.

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2012. január 8., vasárnap

kitty crochet

my first big crochet project: a super-pink cowl, that I'm making from a Japanese pattern.
 fortunately Mimi, my 5 month-old kitten,  was more than happy to help out...

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2012. január 6., péntek

h e l l o... 2 0 1 2

the first week of 2012 has almost passed by, and things are starting slowly. 
despite my efforts it's difficult to maintain optimism and an energetic approach amidst the realities of living in Budapest, Hungary at the moment.
Nonetheless I have great plans for the year, and thanks for joining me along the way.

Here's to a transformative year ahead, full of happy developments!

p.s.: one of the decisions I've made is that I'll be posting mainly in English on this blog whilst the MIMÓZA Facebook Page will remain bilingual for both Hungarian and international readers. B.U.É.K!
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