2012. március 27., kedd

urban gardening

The first community gardens are sprouting up across Budapest, and a good friend and I will soon be the proud gardeners in our miniature plot of land at Lecsóskert. We've been digging, raking, putting up fence posts, and loving every minute of it! At home, I've already planted seeds and the excitement is mouting as the first seedlings are starting to emerge.

I'm trying my hand at vegetables: tomatoes (Mexican honey, pink, orange and black varieties), chili peppers, sweet white pepper; herbs including basil, parsley and chives, and also some flowers: evening primrose, hollyhock and marigolds  - the seedlings seem to be enjoying their time in the pots strewn across my sunny kitchen, so fingers crossed!

I also have a secret project planned for our garden, so stay tuned for updates coming soon!

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