2012. augusztus 23., csütörtök

fall collaboration

last year glass jewellery designer Gerda and I made a series of limited edition pieces where we combined her glass triplet rings with my tassel trio necklaces. I'm happy to announce that  we will be issuing the 2012 edition of this collaboration shortly- I can't wait!

nemsokára érkezik a Bigyóművek & Mimóza együttműködés 2012-es kiadása... már alig várom!

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2012. augusztus 21., kedd

late summer

 a set of two necklaces and a bracelet in lush late summer oranges and purples

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2012. augusztus 13., hétfő

best of Sziget

some of the best things at this year's Sziget Festival were:

cool Fink.
neon shoes @ our WAMP workshop.
shattering Lamb.
the superfast "Sziget Eye".
folk hairbraids.
luminarium by the wonderful Architects of Air.
yonderboi's minimal stage design.
downtempo The xx.

 inside the magic, that is the luminarium:


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